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About Power Nutrition

My Story


My name is Monika Nowak and I started Power Nutrition to help people break the cycle of yo-yo dieting. 


As a food-obsessor and a sugar addict (read about it here), I wanted to find a sustainable way to live a healthy, fit & joyful life without having to resort to using restrictive diets, fat loss pills, counting points, or wearing sweat suits. 


My Goal

I want to be your last stop in your health & fitness transformation. I don't want you to struggle with weight gain, body image issues, or deteriorating health & fitness, ever again


Once you are done working with me, your life will be different forever, because I will teach you how to make changes stick by building rock-solid eating habits that will make it easy for you to stay healthy, strong and happy for life

Together, we will find your own unique path to the results you want to achieve. 

I won't lie to you and say it will be easy and quick. But I promise you it will BE SO WORTH IT. 


My Philosophy 


First, I focus on identifying limiting factors that are currently preventing you from achieving the results you are looking for.


Exercise and nutrition are only two pieces of a much larger puzzle. Social environment, stress levels, mindset, dieting history, physiology, sleep patterns are just some of the additional factors that I analyze when making individual dietary recommendations. 


Then, by working together we will develop simple behavioral strategies, make dietary adjustments and manage your calorie intake to match your current activity, stress levels, and body composition goals. 


You are unique and you deserve a plan that works with your needs in mind and goes way beyond the number on the scale. 

What my clients say about me 

If you are curious about how it is to actually work with me, you can check out my client testimonials here. 


My Blog & Recipes 


My recipes are quick, easy, tasty and most importantly nutritious. I also share my pantry, recommended reading, health, weight loss and workout tips from my practice.


I'm not going to sell you supplements, detoxes, or 

weight loss contraptions. 

If you're looking for a quick fix, I'm not your coach. 

But if you are READY to make changes and build HABITS that will last a lifetime, let's talk. 

Are you ready to change?

Call me today at 203-794-6077



Sustainable Fat Loss

Behavioral Change

Habit-based Coaching

Exercise & Performance Nutrition

Online nutrition coaching

Youth & couples counseling

Healthy cooking / meal planning



Nutrition Coach - Precision Nutrition (Pn1)

Certified Functional Strength Coach (L1)


Personal Trainer - CPT-NASM


Functional Movement Specialist - FMS 1


Golf Fitness Specialist - GFS-NASM





Exclusive Partner

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence is therefore an act, not a habit.”