The female hormone cycle - nutrition and exercise implications

For most women, menstruation is an inconvenience to say the least. Hunger, mood, traveling, swimming, sports performance, between many other things, all get affected during the female hormone cycle, especially during menses (period). While for some women the symptoms of hormonal fluctuations are manageable, others suffer terrible cramps, headaches and nausea. Together with coach Loic from Train 2 Xcel we have created a summary of things every woman should know in order to optimize their nutrition and exercise during each of the hormonal phases. Print these out and keep in your workout folder to track your performance. They also come in handy when tracking food, cravings and nutritional intak

Make time

One of the most important things you can do for your weight loss is to MAKE TIME. Make time for YOURSELF. Take 5 minutes a day to think about YOURSELF. Not about your kids, about your husband, about your dog. Take 5 minutes to think about YOUR OWN needs, goals and desires. Take 5 minutes to plan YOUR day so that some of those needs are meet. Take 5 minutes to do what's important to YOU. If weight loss is important to you, spend 5 minutes each day and think about how your actions can get you a little bit closer to your goal. MAKE TIME, GRAB IT, OWN IT AND DON'T LET GO. Making time is one of the most important habits as it's absolutely crucial for any other habits that you may want to build. I

Why do I need bacteria in my gut? Healthy microbiome part 1.

"All disease begins in the gut" said Hippocrates, the Greek physician and father of modern medicine, in the third century B.C.A. Many things have changed since then, yet with so many advancements in medicine and technology, as a civilization, we are sicker than ever before. More and more scientific research is coming out proving that our health is very much dependent on the health (and diversity) of our microbiome, i.e. gut bacteria. Astonishing new studies show relationship between our increasingly sterile living environments and incidence of chronic illnesses, from heart disease, autoimmune disorders to cancer and dementia. I want to share some of the highlights and findings from two pheno

Refreshing fennel, spinach, apple, hazelnut and goats cheese salad

I have to admit this is my new favorite salad. I've never had fennel before so when I saw it at Trader Joe's the other day I decided to buy it and give it a go. Although I didn't like the taste of it on its own, once combined with the other ingredients, this salad was amazing. Here's what you need: 1 fennel bulb, sliced as thin as possible 2 cups of baby spinach 1 medium apple, cubed a handful of hazelnuts and/or walnuts 2 oz goat's cheese, crumbled 1/2 tbs EVOO 1 tbs some sort of vinegar - I used orange vinaigrette but apple cider vinegar will too salt and pepper to taste Directions: Place all the ingredients in a large bowl, mix well and serve next to your favorite protein. This recipe is