How to reduce added fat in your diet?

Before you yell at me for proposing a low fat diet, let me explain. For majority of Americans who eat moderate amounts of carbs and protein, those who carry extra weight often eat too many calories from fat. In my experience people overeat on fat way more than on carbs or protein. Many times it's hard to notice this, because the fat comes from various, often seemingly insignificant, sources spread throughout the day. Milk in your coffee, butter on your toast, couple of eggs cooked on a greasy pan, peanut butter with your apple, handful of nuts as a snack, avocado and dressing on your salad, steak with roasted veggies for dinner, ice cream or chocolate for dessert. Sounds like a pretty good d

Baked zucchini & prosciutto bites

This recipe came to me when I was hungry grazing around the kitchen waiting for my husband to come home. I still had 2 hours before we would eat dinner, yet I was so hungry that the usual glass of water and a walk outside wouldn't do the trick. So I peaked inside the fridge and found a zucchini that was starting to look pretty sad. I peeled it, sliced it, decorated with 1 prosciutto slice, sprinkled some aged parmesan and baked for 10 minutes in the oven. Before I served it, I sprinkled a tiny bit of TJ's chili lime seasoning on it. Honestly guys, it blew my mind how yummy this was!!! It looked very fancy yet so easy to make. Next time you need a snack or you're hosting a party and wonder wh