Favorite finds at Trader Joe's (updated)

Sharing some of my favorite products at TJ's (as of September 2019) Pastas & rice Organic yellow & brown rice pasta - $2.99 - MY ALL TIME FAVORITE Organic red lentil sedanini $2.99 - needs to be cooked a lot longer than what the label says, about 25-30 minutes Organic black bean rotini $2.99 - don't overcook because this one gets mushy and makes water starchy Sprouted Organic California rice blend - favorite rice blend Lentils Red split (uncooked) $1.69 - they cook very quick, great for soups, stews or a quick side dish Steamed lentils (cooked) $2.99 ready to go Dog treats (Oreo's favorites) Freeze-dried beef Liver $2.69 Salmon & Sweet Potato $3.99 Organic Chicken and brown rice sticks $2.99

How to get back on track after the summer?

Follow these 4 steps to get back on track after summer vacations, celebrations and BBQ's: 1. Start small & be consistent Pick one thing and one thing only to work on for a week. Make it simple, so simple that you cannot fail. Examples are: - add 1 tall glass of water first thing in the morning - drink your coffee black and no sweeteners - sub 1 soda for 1 seltzer - add one serving of vegetables at lunch - snack only on vegetables - workout 1 hour per week - go out 1 times per week (instead of 2) - meditate for 5 minutes before your first cup of coffee Once this one thing becomes a bit more automatic, add another habit to work on. If you are struggling, either make it simpler, or add more tim

How fit people do dessert?

When you are trying to lose weight or improve your health and wellness you don't have to say no to everything, including desserts. These nutritionists approved desserts will satisfy your sweet tooth without stretching your pants, and most importantly they are packed with whole foods goodness. Enter desserts 2.0 Dark chocolate covered bananas or strawberries Cut bananas in 1.5 inch chunks and insert a toothpick into the end of each piece. Freeze for about 2 hours. Heat 8 oz of 70% (or darker) chocolate until melted. Coat bananas in chocolate, then roll in crushed nuts, coconut or seeds. To make this even faster, you can use strawberries as they don't require freezing. If you don't feel like m