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What is preventing you from losing weight?

I hope this doesn't come as a suprise but exercise alone is not going to get you where you want to be, if your nutrition is inadequate. You wouldn't try to build a house by only using bricks, would you? If you didn't use any cement, sooner or later your house would fall apart. The house is your body and nutrition is your cement. It holds everything together, makes you resistant to disease and helps you function at your best.

I'm not saying that you should stop exercising all together. Exercise has so many health benefits. I'm sure you are already aware of most of them, but did you know that exercise has been proven to increase brain function, improve sleep and sex drive? Maintaining an active lifestyle is crucial to optimal health however exercise and nutrition do not work in isolation, they should work hand in hand. Nutrition is often forgotten and weight gain/loss is blamed on the genetics.

I want to share some of the limiting factors that may be preventing you from achieving your health, weight and body composition goals. Finding out what's holding people back, and what's keeping them from succeeding, is the number one goal in my practice.

Majority of people's success is limited by one (or more) of these five factors:

  • Genetics (usually less limiting than most people think);

  • Exercise (too little or sometimes too much);

  • Physiology (hormonal imbalances, GI tract issues, etc.);

  • Mindset (body image issues, resisting change, etc.);

  • Nutrition.

Poor nutrition habits are by far the most important limiting factor for most people, however if your nutrition is on point, and you are still not achieving your health goals, we look closer at the other four factors.

Good nutrition properly controls energy balance, provides nutrient density, ensures optimal health, performance and overall well being. Good nutrition should be honest and outcome based. Additionally, in this crazy world focused on consumption, good nutrition should be sustainable for both us and the planet (growing your own veggies, shopping locally are just some of the ways).

Identifying your own limiting factor may be hard, since it's hard to be objective with yourself. More often, there may be a few limiting factors involved. If you need help figuring out what's stopping you, don't hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have.

In the meantime, when you have your next meal try to answer the following questions:

- how nutritious is this meal (think apple vs cupcake, home made pizza vs frozen pizza)?

- is this meal working towards my body composition goal or against it?

- how am I feeling (think happy, sad, anxious, nervous)?

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