• Monika

Chicken stock/cheddar ice cubes for your doggie

My dog will eat anything you give him but for whatever reason he doesn’t like ice cubes. Even in the summer, after he’s been running like a maniac and I try to cool him off, he spits them out. So I decided to try this ice cube recipe which is pretty much a small cube of cheese frozen into chicken stock.

SCORE!!! He loves it.

He doesn’t quite lick it……he just chews right through it like it’s a piece of a cracker. 2 second thing haha. Adorable to watch.

At first, he was very cautious…giving me this cheeky look like “Are you trying to poison me?”.

But once he had it in his mouth, he loved it! Even licked all the grass around the area where some of it melted.

All you need is an ice cube tray, chicken stock and cheese cubes.

Put the cheese in the tray, pour chicken stock over it and freeze.

I did buy a silicone tray for this, since it’s a lot easier to pop the cube out. You can buy it on Amazon for about $7 (for two trays).

Give it a try and hope your doggie loves this!