• Monika

Weight loss tips from my clients

Who knows what it takes to lose weight better than my clients?

I've asked my clients to sent me feedback on what where the most important things in their weight loss journey and I'm so excited to share them with you.

Joann says:

"For those who travel a lot, I would recommend bringing healthy snacks such as protein bars or almonds. Second would be the use of a food scale. I found that I was often wildly off on the # of ounces of protein."

Martin recommends:

"Bring pre-made, pre-approved homemade lunches and snacks to work...That way you don't make bad decisions when you get hungry. Also have more water at night to mix between drinks... Keeps you fuller so you drink less alcohol".

Neil suggests:

"Have a healthy and good sized breakfast. Back-ending my calories at the end of the day makes me overeat later in the day. Also, putting the fork down between bites makes me slow down. Count your normal number of chews and double it. "

Shami lists her main two tips as:

"healthy nutrition on a consistent basis is critical (right mix of protein, fat, carb, sugar and WATER), so is consistency in weight training combined with cardio.

Lorraine suggests to:

"1 - Drink a glass of water first thing in the morning. You'll feel better and have started out the day on the right track.

2 - Make small changes that are realistic for you. Don't agree to a change that you know you won't stick to in the long run.

3 - Take the time to log what you're eating using a fitness app especially in the beginning. I was surprised at the results of what I was eating and then was more likely to keep to the changes in diet knowing I had to log everything I ate. Provides valuable information on nutrition breakdown so I knew if I was meeting my goals that I set and I could make additional changes when I wasn't hitting a specific nutrition goal. "

Agatha says:

"Don't rush and be patient with results. Make big goals but take small steps. Even on bad days, just keep going, and soon you will see the results".

Sonia shares some of her most helpful habits:

" 1) when you are eating, stop at 80% full. Forcing yourself to eat the entire meal will just make you feel bloated and overly-full. Even if you need the calories, protein, carbs, etc. stop when you are almost full and in a few hours if you find yourself hungry, then finish the meal.

2) water is probably one of the most important components to weight loss. Without water your body will be dehydrated and it will be difficult for your body to absorb all the nutrients. Every morning start with a large glass of water and make it a habit to always have a water bottle on you. "