• Monika

How shopping on Amazon can be related to gaining weight?

Ahhhhhhhhh those Prime Day deals!!

What unnecessary item did you buy yesterday? I had a hammock added to my cart before my dear husband snapped me out of the trans.

I love shopping on Amazon. Each week I get multiple deliveries (not very environmentally friendly, I know). Books, supplements, gifts, protein bars, kitchen stuff, dog food, you name it I probably get it. Often I will place an order and then realize I forgot something so I go back the same day to buy even more stuff.

All of those purchases are small by themselves ($10-$30), however I recently realized that I'm spending a lot more on Amazon that I'm planning for.

Individually my purchases don't seem like a lot of money, but when I add them up in the end of the month, the number is quite striking.

If I had known that's how much I was really spending, I may have been making my choices a little bit differently, i.e. buying less stuff!

This latest eye-opener made me think about how this behavior can relate to developing unhealthy eating & drinking habits that can lead to deterioration of health and/or weight gain overtime.

How small, daily behaviors and food decisions can quickly add up to more than we realize?

In perfect world where sleep, hormones, age, gender, genetics don't play a role, in order to gain a pound of body fat, one must consume a surplus of 3500 calories a week. That's 500 calories a day.

You may think that's a lot of calories but let me break it down for you.

Monday: you have potato chips with lunch (+250) and 2 glasses of wine (+250 calories)

Tuesday: you stop by Starbucks and get a Frapuccino (+500)

Wednesday: you have a small blueberry muffin with your coffee (+200), salad for lunch with creamy dressing (+150) and a light beer with dinner (+150)

Thursday: someday brought birthday cake (+300) and you had a bottle of sweet ice tea (+200)

Friday: you went out for dinner, maybe had some alcohol & dessert (easy +500)

Saturday: brunch with your friends (easy +500)

Sunday: pizza night with your kids (easy +500)

Of course, if this would be true on daily basis, we would be putting on an additional 50 lbs per year which is unlikely (as most people exercise which negates some of the impacts of food), however, we all definitely have weeks where we may be doing this more often (think vacations, holidays, etc.). This may create a surplus of a moderate 5 lbs a year. That's 50 lbs in 10 years!

As you can see these small daily additions can be putting you in surplus without even realizing it.

The good news is that just as these small weight-gaining behaviors add up, same goes for small weight-losing behaviors.

If you are trying to improve your diet and/or lose weight, give me a shout - let's look at your daily habits and see where we can create a deficit so you can start living a healthier life and learning how to maintain it.

Weight loss is not easy, but together we can definitely do it.

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