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Favorite finds at Trader Joe's (updated)

Sharing some of my favorite products at TJ's (as of September 2019)

Pastas & rice

Organic yellow & brown rice pasta - $2.99 - MY ALL TIME FAVORITE

Organic red lentil sedanini $2.99 - needs to be cooked a lot longer than what the label says, about 25-30 minutes

Organic black bean rotini $2.99 - don't overcook because this one gets mushy and makes water starchy

Sprouted Organic California rice blend - favorite rice blend


Red split (uncooked) $1.69 - they cook very quick, great for soups, stews or a quick side dish

Steamed lentils (cooked) $2.99 ready to go

Dog treats (Oreo's favorites)

Freeze-dried beef Liver $2.69

Salmon & Sweet Potato $3.99

Organic Chicken and brown rice sticks $2.99


Chile Lime Seasoning blend - great for chicken or shrimp $1.99

Everything but the bagel sesame seasoning - great for avocado and egg toast $1.99

Pumpkin pie spice - great addition to banana pancakes, coffee, yogurt or cottage cheese $1.99


Puffins original or Puffins cinnamon $3.99

Shredded bite size wheats $2.99

Joe's O's plain $2.69


Organic ground turkey $5.99 per pound

Organic chicken breast $5.99 per pound

Grass fed Angus beef (frozen) $5.99 per pound

Wild, Uncooked Argentine Red Shrimp - $9.99

Love this shrimp. It's already peeled, deveined and super yummy. One package gives me two dinners (for 2).


Oven-baked cheese bites $2.79

CHOMPS turkey and beef sticks $1.79

Masala Simmer Sauce $2.69

I've used this sauce many times to make chicken masala for guests. It's a crowd pleaser plus it's super yummy and so easy. Sautee garlic and chopped onions on a pan with very little oil for 5-10 minutes. Add cubed chicken breast. Sautee for 2 minutes on each side, then add the sauce. Bring to boil, then simmer for about 5 minutes. Serve with a dollop fo greek yogurt & naan bread.

Organic Popping Corn - $2.29

I'm totally obsessed with making homemade (no-oil) popcorn with this corn. One bag yields 14 servings (when using 1/4 cup each time).

Raw Oregon Hazelnuts - $7.99

This was my dessert for the most part when I went gluten-free for a month. These go perfectly with wine, they taste sweet to me, and they are just delicious. Just make sure to use a measuring cup as they are very calorie dense.


Chunky spicy $2.99 - if you like spicy, this guac is the bomb

Avocado's number guacamole to go $3.99 for a sick pack - I eat this every day spread on Wasa crackers with eggs, spinach and everything but the bagel seasoning


Fall harvest salsa $2.99 - my all time favorite, available only in the fall

Cowboy caviar $2.99 - great as a taco topping, on the spicier side


Organic Bolivian Blend fair trade $7.99 - best coffee I've found for a drop coffee machine


Organic Mint Melange $2.49 - by far one of my favorite teas! Perfect after any meal

Organic Detox Cleansing blend $2.99 - for liver support

Organic Ginger Turmeric $2.99 - gut & liver friendly

Harvest blend $1.99 - love this in the fall!

Organic Earl Grey $2.99 - best earl grey I've ever had


Organic olive oil spray $2.99 - use cold such as to spray salads or steamed veggies

Avocado oil $8.99 - use for roasting, cooking, sautéing

Organic Coconut Aminos & Green Goddess Salad Dressing

Green goddess dressing $3.99

Organic coconut aminos $2.99 - alternative to Soy Sauce. Paleo-approved and gluten-free.

Peeled Garlic - $1.99

I always have this in my fridge because more often than not I don't feel like peeling garlic so this is what I use.

Dark chocolate covered strawberries and bananas $3.99

These are amazing for dessert!!! Strawberries are great, haven't tried bananas but I hear they are great too.

Organic Creamy, No Salt, Peanut Butter - $3.49

Can't beat the price and quality of this PB. It's really smooth and tastes sweet to me. Love it with apples and cinnamon.

Frozen veggies

Organic riced cauliflower $2.99

Mashed sweet potatoes $2.49

Organic broccoli florets $2.99

Organic green peas $2.29

What's your favorite product?

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