• Monika

10 habits that make us fat

I know I write a lot about developing healthy eating habits for sustainable fat loss but today I wanted to talk about habits that lead to weight gain.

On one side, this post may be helpful for those of you who are trying to put on weight, or most likely, lean mass. Adding mass can only happen when you are in calorie surplus situation i.e. you eat more than you burn.

On the other side, this list can be useful in identifying some of the habits that may be preventing you from losing fat.

So here we go.

10 habits that make us fat:

1. Eating when not hungry.

Hunger avoidance is one of the best strategies to put on weight. If you are never hungry, it's most likely because you are in calorie surplus (i.e. storage mode).

2. Consuming large amounts of liquid calories.

Best way to bulk up is to consume a large amount of calories in liquid form (which is not as filling as solid food).

Think shakes, juices, smoothies, sodas, alcohol.

3. Sitting (and working) a lot.

Sitting and sedentary lifestyle are not the only risk factors. Latest studies show that the amount of hours you work per week is directly related to the amount of extra body fat you carry.

4. Eating meals that are high in carbs and fat, and low in protein.

Think dishes like pastas, pizza, cakes, donuts, pastries, cookies. Lots of fat and carbs with minimal protein.

5. Drinking more than 1 alcoholic drink a day.

Alcohol truly is empty calories. Drink a lot every day and it will eventually catch up with you.

6. Eating fast.

Are you always the first one on the table to finish your meal? Do you never bring leftovers home? It takes about 15-20 minutes for your brain to receive a "full" signal, so slow down and enjoy every bite.

7. Snacking....a lot.

I've seen this numerous times where my client's snacks add up to be more than their meals, and they don't even know it.

8. Adding sauces, cream, butter and oils to everything

Fat is the most calorie dense (yet the least filling) macronutrient therefore it's the easiest one to overeat on. Cream in your coffee, coconut oil in your smoothie, fried eggs, dressing on the salad, mayo in the sandwich, handful of nuts, creamy sauce on your meat, roasted veggies with oodles of olive oil, all of those fat calories quickly add up.

9. Skip vegetables at most meals

Without vegetables which add a lot of bulk to the diet, you may find yourself more hungry and eating more overall.

10. Eating out a lot

Restaurant foods are designed to taste better so that we keep on coming back for more. Better flavor usually means more fat, more sugar and more salt. Perfect combos for weight gain.

Can you think of any other habits that lead to weight gain? Share them with me via e-mail or Facebook - would love to hear your feedback!