• Monika

Urge surfing

Mindfulness is on the agenda for this week's challenge. Hopefully you are one of the participants of the 7 day challenge I'm currently holding (5 mins daily meditation, eating slowly and mindfully and drinking at least 8 glasses of water), but if you are not, it's still not too late to join the crowd (e-mail me).

This article will hopefully help you learn a new skill from the mindfulness cabinet.

The skill is: urge surfing.

What the heck is that and why should I even know about it? Well, I'm glad you asked.

Cravings are a lot like an ocean tide.

They come and go, they ebb and flow. They can rise with an incredible force, but if you're able to wait it out, they will eventually subside.

When you're facing a craving but you're mentally able to refocus – say by eating something healthy and on your plan, or focusing your mind on a challenging task – the craving will go away.

The more you can refocus and move through the craving, the more in frequent ear cravings will become. By the same token, the more you give in to a craving, the more frequently others will arise.

One of the most effective techniques to stop cravings and improve your mindfulness is urge surfing.

Urge surfing is a lot like riding the waves on the surfboard, only you're doing it in your head.

When a craving hits, notice it and don't try to immediately distract yourself or argue with it.

Surf the urge rather than fight it.

Let it come, and then write it until it subsides.

Accept the craving – Just don't act on it.

You can compare this concept of urge surfing to the practice of meditation. Your thoughts, feelings and emotions will come and go as you meditate, but the purpose is not to try to stop them, or shut them down, or act on them. The purpose is to recognize that they are what they are, and let them go.

In addition to urge surfing you can enlist the number of tactics that I've written about in THIS article.

Do you need help getting started? Has everything you've tried failed? Let me help. Shoot me an e-mail and let's talk.