• Monika

How to set & stick to your 2020 health & fitness goals?

2020 is just around the corner so I decided to write this article about New Year resolutions and how to formulate them so you can actually stick to them for the entire year.

In case you don't know this about me, I'm a "to do list" kind of person. My husband thinks I'm crazy because I have a list for everything: groceries, Costco, weekly reminders, daily to do list, travel packing list, daily habits, books to read, home improvement and professional goals.

I know, nuts...

Anyway, until recently, every January I would set some very ambitious goals in various aspects of my life that never made it pass February. Does this sound familiar to you?

So what have I done differently? How did I start succeeding with my goals and resolutions?

First, I started to focus on the journey not on the destination.

So instead of focusing on the big picture, I focused on the small steps I needed to take in order to get there (some call it the process or the system). I've also created this system based on daily habits which after a while become automatic.

One of my favorite quotes (by Aristotle) is:

"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit."

Second, I made my goals SMART:






So let's go over some examples of goals I have set in 2018 in comparison to 2019 and how by re-writing them based on those rules I was able to achieve a lot more.



Goal: "read more books"

Result: didn't track, but my best guess is about 10.


Goal: "read 30 minutes every day"

Results: 32 books and counting

When I changed focus from a big and vague goal, to a specific and measurable daily habit I was able to read a lot more than before.



Goal: "learn how to meditate"

Result: not a single meditation session


Goal: "meditate 5 minutes each day"

Results: 70% compliance over the last year - pretty happy about it and will work to improve it this coming year

When I shifted focus from just an idea that I should really meditate into a daily practice I should and want to cultivate, everything changed. I picked a realistic time to meditate and aimed to do it in the morning so I tried to make it as specific as possible.



Goal: "work out more"

Result: didn't track much so not sure how many sessions I've had


Goal 1: "work out 3 x a week (anything counts)"

Goal 2: "20 consecutive push ups, 8 consecutive pull ups"

I made my 2019 goal more specific but at the same time attainable - 3x a week and anything counts so I didn't feel stressed that I HAD to workout at the gym all the time and even small workouts at home made me feel like I've meet my goal. I also set up separate performance goals so that my individual workouts at the gym were aligned with those specific numbers.


2018: "reduce socialmedia exposure"

2019: "no facebook after 5pm"

Here I needed a hard rule that turned into a daily habit that I've successfully carried this whole year.

So what are your 2020 resolutions?

Lose weight? Get more fit? Eat more vegetables? Make more money?

Whatever your goals are, try to use these guidelines above to write your goals as specific tasks and processes you can execute on daily/weekly/monthly basis.

If you have any questions or need assistance, do not hesitate to contact me HERE.

Let's set up a face to face consultation or a call and go over your goals. I can help you get into the right mindset and set realistic goals that will set you up for success.