• Monika

Weight loss made easy or hard - you decide

Weight loss can sometimes feel like a mystical beast, no doubt about that. But the spectrum of weight loss can be quite wide, so let's talk about the behaviors and choices on each end.

There are choices you make & behaviors you execute every day that place you somewhere along this spectrum.

When you reach for pretzels instead of cut up vegetables you prepared over the weekend, you move towards the 'hard' end.

When you pick a salad in a restaurant instead of pasta, you move towards the "easy" end.

Nothing happens in a vacuum and each behavior moves you a tiny bit to the left or tiny bit to the right.

There is always movement to the left or to the right. You never stay still.

Everything you do matters, every choice you make matters.

So let's get down to it.

How to be in the 'easy' zone?

  • eat mostly whole, unprocessed foods (80% of diet consisting of lean protein, fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, beans, nuts, healthy fats);

  • enjoy the heck out of the other 20% of the diet - indulge in favorite treats without feeling guilty, buy the yummiest wine/chocolate you can afford :);

  • eat slowly and mindfully, enjoying every bite;

  • keep food (other than fruits and vegetables) out of plain sight;

  • drink a lot of water (aim for 1/2 of your body weight in oz);

  • move daily - even 3 minutes of is better than 0 minutes;

  • eat nutritionally balanced meals - combo of protein, fat, carbs in each meal;

  • reduce snacking to a minimum;

  • be patient and consistent - weight loss it's not a sprint, it's a marathon;

  • eat your biggest meal post-workout;

  • aim to be consistent not perfect;

  • make time to engage in de-stressing activities such as meditation, exercise, reading, listening to music;

  • recognize & name any and all successes, no matter how small;

  • when you mess up, face it, take responsibility and move on;

  • use many ways to measure progress, not just the scale;

  • embrace being hungry - hunger is a natural thing, humans are designed for times of famine, and times of feasts, unfortunately for our health, last 50 years were mostly feasts;

  • be realistic about the results - don't expect miracles if you don't do the work, you can't reach the top if you don't feeling like climbing;

  • cook majority of your meals;

  • believe that you are in charge of your own health and destiny;

How to be in the hard zone?

  • eat mostly processed, pre-made foods, with occasional healthy meals;

  • eat out most of the days;

  • leave temping foods in plain sight;

  • have a pantry full of junk foods;

  • avoid fruits and vegetables like the plague;

  • sit most of the day;

  • destress with food;

  • consume majority of your calories in liquid form (coffees, sodas, juices, shakes, wine, beer, etc.);

  • eat fast and always finish what's on the plate;

  • never feel hungry;

  • aim for perfection and when that fails, throw in the towel and go bonkers;

  • be always in a rush, never taking time for yourself;

  • be perfect 7am to 6pm then go bonkers;

  • be perfect Monday thru Thursday, then go bonkers on the weekends;

  • reward yourself with food after you exercise;

  • punish yourself with exercise after you had a bad day of eating;

  • expect to lose all your weight in an unrealistic amount of time;

  • complain about not losing weight;

  • complain about not losing enough weight;

  • cut too many calories or food groups;

  • repeatedly tell yourself that you are weak, you have no willpower, and/or no self-control;

If you need help getting into the 'easy' zone without sacrificing quality of your life and your sanity, let me know.

I'm also preparing a weekend challenge to help some of my clients get over the "weak-end" phenomenon. They often struggle with being "good" Monday to Friday with behaviors moving them towards the 'easy' end and then they go right back to the 'hard' end after the weekend is done. And the process repeats. So let's break that cycle.

If you are interested in taking part of my next challenge this coming weekend, let me know. You can reach me HERE.