• Monika

How to get back on track after the summer?

Follow these 4 steps to get back on track after summer vacations, celebrations and BBQ's:

1. Start small & be consistent

Pick one thing and one thing only to work on for a week. Make it simple, so simple that you cannot fail.

Examples are:

- add 1 tall glass of water first thing in the morning

- drink your coffee black and no sweeteners

- sub 1 soda for 1 seltzer

- add one serving of vegetables at lunch

- snack only on vegetables

- workout 1 hour per week

- go out 1 times per week (instead of 2)

- meditate for 5 minutes before your first cup of coffee

Once this one thing becomes a bit more automatic, add another habit to work on. If you are struggling, either make it simpler, or add more time to practice.

2. Cook more at home

Make an effort to stay home more and cook your own meals as going out even 1-2 times per week can easily lead to an excessive intake of calories, and extra pounds.

If you need ideas, shopping lists & recipes, see links below:




3. Reduce snacking

I'm a big fan of 3 well balanced meals (protein, carb, fat, vegetables) per day and no snacking. Summer time is often the time when we get into a habit of nibbling all day long, and still end up having a large dinner at night.

This time, focus on making your meals bigger, and eliminate any and all snacks such as nuts, fruit, cheese, chips, crackers, pretzels, snack bars.

If you must snack, make it a protein and/or vegetable rich snack.

Some ideas: plain greek yogurt w/ handful of berries, turkey stick, plain cottage cheese w/handful of berries, sliced cucumbers, peppers, celery, carrots, tomatoes.

4. Meditate 5 minutes per day

Back to school can be super stressful for many of us. This extra stress can lead to overeating, missed gym time, poor sleep, anxiety, and even depression.

Spending just a few minutes each day on practicing meditation can help tremendously.

If you are new to meditating I highly encourage you to download an app such as Headspace, Calm, Simple Habit ot Buddhify to get started.