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How to have a healthy fall season?

With its crisp air and gorgeous leaves, fall brings shorter & cooler days which can make us crave comfort foods, and to wrap ourselves in a blanket instead of going out for a walk. Fall also brings Halloween candy & Thanksgiving celebrations which we often pay for well into the New Year.

Fall is also all about "pumpkin spice" everything. Coffees, lattes, donuts, cookies, biscottis, chips, pretzels, you name it.

In today's post, I would like to share some tips on how to enjoy a healthy fall season.

Healthier Halloween tips:

- buy halloween candy the day off Halloween;

- buy the kind of candy you are least likely to indulge in;

- dump, donate or get rid of every single piece of candy left the day after Halloween.

Get your pumpkin spice fix without extra sugar and calories

Watch my video here

Healthier Thanksgiving tips:

Firstly make Thanksgiving about people, not food.

Secondly, check out tips below to help you make healthier foods this holiday season.

Healthier dessert recipes & tips:

Since I'm not a great baker myself I'm sending you to my favorite blogger Katie from Wellness Mama. She has fabulous whole foods based, no added sugar recipes on her blog. My favorites below.

Coconut flour apple cinnamon muffins

I've been making these muffins since it got cold and I love having them with my eggs in the morning.

Apple pie

Apple pie is another fall & Thanksgiving favorite. You can make any apple pie recipe much healthier by skipping the sugar all together. If you are worried about it being too sour, swap a couple of granny smith apples for a sweeter variety such as Gala or Pink Lady. I promise you won't even tell the difference. Also skip the crust on top and you will save a bunch of calories. Serve with whole milk greek yogurt or mascarpone cheese instead of ice cream.

Pumpkin pie recipe

The only thing I would change in Katie's recipe is replacing the honey with 2-3 smashed ripe bananas for natural sugar instead of added.

Pumpkin bread and muffins

Again I would replace the honey with smashed bananas.

Gingerbread cookies

Other Thanksgiving tips:

  • swap mashed potatoes for cauliflower mash (my husband's new favorite side);

  • cut down on the amount of butter, cream, and sugar that you use for your side dishes (trust me nobody will notice), or skip them all together, and spray with EVOO just before serving;

  • most of the time people are full already by the time they sit down for dinner but you can change that by skipping the appetizer round;

  • workout in the morning or go for a walk during the day;

  • find 5 minutes during the day for a quiet reflection time to destress and breathe;

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