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My favorite new snacks (updated April 2020)

Snacking industry has been coming up with healthier products being added every month. Food manufacturers are paying attention to consumers demanding better quality products with no additives, no artificial colors, no artificial sweeteners or artificial flavors that are also high in fiber, low in sugar and high in protein.

Also, many people are becoming vegan, gluten free, paleo, keto, etc. and the industry is responding to those preferences in a noticeable way filling shelves up with various products that match a chosen diet.

In this post, I am going to share some of my favorite recent discoveries in the snack isle.

I have curated this list based on taste, ingredients list and nutritional profile.

This list is not a long list because I have written extensively on snacks before (you can check it out here), this article will cover some of the newest snacks that came out in the recent weeks.

Hope you enjoy it!


Smart Sweets company is making waves in the gummy bear & fitness industry with it's fiber-packed (one baggie hits your fiber goal for the day!), stevia-sweetened, 3 g of sugar, 80 calorie bags of sweet chewiness.

I am not a gummy bear person but I've bought these for my gummy-loving friends and they all loved them. After receiving many raving reviews I decided to try them myself and I must say I do like them a lot.

As of right now they offer 5 flavors if which 3 are vegan. My favorite flavor is the Sweet Fish one. You can buy them here.

IWON Organics

These chips are definitely my favorite discovery of the year. They are vegan, plant-based, high-fiber, 10g of protein per serving (definitely the most amount of protein I have ever seen in chips), 7 g of fat, 15g net carbs and 3 g of added sugar.

I stumbled across them while buying health-oriented snacks for gifts at the GMC. A very friendly clerk suggested them, and I am so happy I got them.

I have only tried the Sweet Dijon flavor (which is amazing) but they have more flavors than that. I have since been buying them on Amazon - link here.

UNREAL Dark Chocolate Coconut

This list wouldn't be complete without a chocolate product. Those of you who know me, know I love chocolate a little bit more than most people love it, so I am always on the lookout of great tasting products that are less processed, lower in calories and especially lower in sugar.

Unreal company fits the bill really well.

What I love about these bars the most is that they are soy free (very rare for chocolate products), sugar alcohol free (very rare for healthier chocolate products), have 50% less sugar than a leading brand, and are individually wrapped. Although I don't like the use of extra plastic, I do find it helpful for my health to have treats pre-portioned. My husband really liked their dark chocolate peanut butter cups.

You can get them here on Amazon or buy them at Whole Foods.


There is a variety of different brands on the market offering baked cheese crisps (from Trader Joe's, Whole Foods, Amazon, Costco) and I have tried many of them. They all honestly taste pretty much the same as long as you stay with the same cheese variety.

I have chosen this particular company simply because they offer more flavors so if you are bored with your parmesan or cheddar cheese crisps, you can spice it up with something like tomato basil which makes it taste like pizza.

I like these crisps for those who love snacking on cheese, or need something crunchy, salty, higher in protein, low carb and non-perishable in their bag or car for driving kids around, or for picnics at the beach. I will often take these with me when I do my long drive between FL and CT. My husband loves these.

You can buy them here on Amazon.


Nutritionally speaking these Cauliflower Pretzels are a big competitor to my favorite Pretzel Crisps from Snack Factory. Flavor wise I think Pretzel Crisps are superior, however if you are looking for a gluten free pretzel that has a very generous serving size (40 sticks!) you have a winner here.

I've never bought a bag of pretzels that lasted me so long. I thought there was a trick to it because every time I ate some, there was still so much left.

Cauliflower pretzels also pack 3 g of fiber (vs 0 g for pretzel crisps) per serving, and half the sugar amount per serving. They do come with more fat though at 1.5g vs 0g so if you are counting your fat macros, stick to the Pretzel crisps.

If you're looking to buy Pretzel Crisps, they sell the organic version in a bulk 28 oz bag at Costco at a very good price $5.99, while all major supermarkets carry the regular 14 oz non-organic kind for $3-$4 per bag.


I must admit that these have been my favorite guilty pleasure for a while but especially now with the pandemic going on. Calorie per calorie they are not that much better than potato chips however you will get more volume per serving and that's always a good thing.

I just absolutely love the seasoning and keep on coming back for me.

They are available at Whole Foods for $2.99 per bag.

Alyssa's Cookies

These Oatmeal Bites are my favorite cookies of all time. They are the only cookies I have found that have no added sugar in them. They are 100% naturally sweetened with dried fruits, have very high fiber content and a decent amount of protein (for being a cookie). If you live in Florida, you can get them in most Publix supermarkets. If you don't, you can't order them online via her website here. They have vegan options as well.

Trader Joe's Speculoos Cookies

After Alyssa's, these are my #2.

I have been up and down every isle at Trader Joe's scanning for the "healthiest" cookie option and I think I found it. 1 serving of those cookies equals 4 nice size cookies for 140 calories and 10 g of added sugar. So 2.5 g of sugar per cookie. I find these to be perfect if you are looking for something to accompany your coffee or tea. And one does the trick for me which says a lot (I have a huge sweet tooth). These cookies are also vegan.

You can buy these at Tj's or Amazon here.

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