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Easy and nutritious egg quiche recipe - low carb, high protein, 1 bowl, 5 minutes

June 10, 2016


There are thousands of egg muffins recipes out there that are popular for their ease of making and being low in calories and high in nutrition. Since I make these regularly to eat throughout the week and recommend them to all my clients, I decided to post a basic, easy to modify egg quiche/cup/muffin recipe that I regularly use. 


What it really is, is a big meat and veggie omelet baked in the oven and cut up into pieces. 


I make this egg quiche in a 9x9 pan, simply because it's much quicker to do it that way (and cut once cooked) versus pouring it individually into a muffin tin.


However, if you prefer individual "cups" or "mini muffins", this recipe will work as well. 

This recipe is perfect for: 

- quick breakfast, lunch or dinner

- healthy brunch option

- snack on the go

- making ahead of time and keeping in the fridge for emergencies

- pre workout snack

- post workout snack (read suggestion notes below) 

- freezing

Basic egg quiche / egg cups recipe 

Prep time: 5 minutes

Cook time: 15-18 minutes

Serves: 7

Nutrition per serving: 117 calories, 5.8 g fat, 2.7 g carbs, 14 g protein 




  • 6 oz (about 1 tightly packed cup) leftover rotisserie chicken *

  • 6 large eggs

  • 1 cup lightly steamed (2 mins) broccoli, chopped **

  • 1 cup raw zucchini, chopped **

  • 1 oz sun-dried tomatoes, chopped (optional)

  • 1/4 tsp each: turmeric, paprika, oregano, basil, dried garlic

  • salt and pepper to taste


  • Preheat the oven to 350 F. 

  • Line a 9x9 pan with parchment paper, or if using a muffin tin, spray it with cooking spray. 

  • Put all the ingredients and spices in one bowl and mix well. If consistency looks too dry, add an extra egg. 

  • Bake for 15-18minutes for the 9x9 (about 12-15 minutes for the muffin tin), or until set and toothpick comes out clean. 

  • Cut into squares and refrigerate (up to a week) or freeze. Reheat as needed. 


* you can use any other protein substitute, some ideas: cooked ground turkey, lean sausage, ham, salmon

** other veggies that work great here are cauliflower, sautéed peppers, spinach or onions, mushrooms, peas


Other suggestions: 


To make these more calorie dense you can:

  • sprinkle cheese such as sharp cheddar on top

  • add some form of carbohydrate to it, a cup of quinoa/millet/rice/beans/lentils or a couple of slices of Ezekiel bread on the bottom will make this a perfect post-workout snack/meal 


Hope you enjoy them! I would love to hear your feedback. 

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