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"If you are serious about adopting a healthy lifestyle, but need the guidance and encouragement of someone who is knowledgeable, committed, focused and personable, I highly recommend Monika to help you achieve your health and wellness goals.  I started working with Monika 4 months ago because nothing I did seemed to make a notable difference.   Monika developed a customized nutrition plan that suited my lifestyle based on my goals."
- Shami A., Ridgefield, CT 

"When I first started working with Monika my diet included mostly carbs, low protein and less than 1,000 calories. My energy level was extremely low, I was constantly tired and I dreaded working out. After planning out my new diet, Monika increased my calories to 2,000 (which seemed impossible) and we included workouts that would fit in my schedule and that I would enjoy. After getting used to these changes, it was surprising to me that eating MORE is much more beneficial as you gain a lot more energy and can continue loosing weight, even if the calories are as high as 2,000 per day. 

I believe as though my biggest success in the process was I came to the realization that eating healthy has so many more benefits than just loosing weight. It improves your skin, hair, energy level, happiness and determination.

Monika is a fantastic nutrition coach! She creates an open, friendly and comfortable environment and wants to help you reach your goals just as badly as you want to reach them!"

- S.G., Ridgedield, CT

 "I joined Monika's nutrition coaching program because I had reached a plateau and was not seeing results based on what I was doing on my own.


I initially I thought it was going to be very restrictive, time consuming, and my family feared I would start making them eat strange foods.


I was really suprised that it was easier than I thought it would be and results came quicker than I expected. 


My clothes now fit!​​ I feel and look better than I have in years and I have more knowledge on what to eat and snack". 

 - L.W., Ridgefield, CT


"Monika is AWESOME -- she is thoughtful, motivating, completely non-judgmental and most importantly REALISTIC about eating habits and dieting goals. I have learned so much about eating clean, nutritious food and I feel great.


I eat a ton of food, but I am actually losing weight.


She writes a great blog about eating and always forwards good articles and recipes. Now if I could just get my husband and kids to work with her! I highly recommend Monika!". 

Beth H., Ridgefield, CT. 

"Becoming a client of Monika Nowak’s was one of the best decisions I’ve made. I came to her because I needed to take control of my weight and pay attention to me.


I’m at a ‘time in my life’ where my body has it’s own mind at times. I had been through all kinds of diets and lost 30 lbs a few times but gained it back and then some.


Monika started by making sure she understood me and my body and everything that goes with it – mentally, physically, emotionally and medically.


Monika demonstrated compassion, sensitivity, and incredible knowledge when discussing my food choices, past eating experiences and even didn’t make a big deal of it when I stray from the ‘norm’. All this while exposing me to a new way of approaching food, based on the latest scientific research and her own personal experience. She even sends Nutrition articles and recipes throughout the week you might be interested in and is available in between session providing extra support. Highly recommended!"

Gina O., Ridgefield, CT. 

"Monika is really good at what she does. Her advice is very pragmatic - no one size fits all advice. Her suggestions are based on what she thinks is right and what will work for you.


A huge benefit is Monika takes the time to watch people train and to get to know their lifestyle and work/travel habits before she suggests diets. She is data and fact based with measurements and tracking.


Overall all I think she is thoughtful, knowledgeable, and a really good coach. There are a lot of people and books who can "teach" you nutrition, Monika can coach you to use the information she teaches. I see her as an extremely good investment in my heath and well being. I only wish I was a better student...."

Steve W., Ridgefield, CT

"I decided I needed guidance on my nutrition plan because there was too much conflicting information/advice online, and I felt like I needed someone who could focus on my particular needs. I had been recently diagnosed with osteoporosis, and I wanted to make sure I was actually building muscle with my weight training program. 
While working with Monika I was suprised how little I really thought about what I was eating - protein, carbs and fat.  And how much sugar and salt I consumed daily, especially when we went out to eat.  
I feel like I was heading down the path of finding healthy choices in my life, but working with Monika just clarified everything for me.  She had great solutions for my unique needs.  And she was really fun to work with!
My biggest success to date are reducing my body fat by over 7% to land below 20% in 5 months, while building lean mass; learning how to cook meals (that are actually edible) with fresh ingredients and be more aware of what I am buying at the store or ordering at a restaurant".
- Laura T., Danbury, CT

"I  started working with Monika in February 2016 because i was struggling with weight gain due to menopause and felt stuck despite my weight training exercise.

My biggest success was on the second weight in and actually seeing the numbers change... I was losing weight and gaining muscle mass.

Some the obstacles I faced was sometimes trying to fit in the correct amount of carbs, fat, protein and water with in the calorie guidelines.

What surprised me was the amount of mis information out in the public and how Monika made sense of food and how it works in the body and why you need to certain foods at certain times of day.

The benefits that I took from Monika is a much better understanding of how our bodies process food... good and bad, how when your metabolism changes maintaining the correct amount of protein is crucial and how not lose the muscle mass.


I have changed how i cook, shop for food and am so conscious of processed vs natural food. I also have learned how to read and understand labeling much more now.

I would definitely recommend Monika to any one and they should be prepared to work hard and stick to her plan for results.

- Jacki D., Ridgefield, CT

I started to work with Monika in March 2019 because I was getting very discouraged while trying to lose weight and I watch Monika’s Facebook posts and felt she could help me.


My biggest fear was that it would be too hard for me to follow.


I’m happy to say that my fears were unfunded and I’ve become so much more confident and since starting with Monika I’ve lost 23 lbs and became stronger and healthier.


One of my biggest obstacles is stress or more specifically trying not to stress eat. Monika has been helping me deal with that and taught me how to overcome the urge to eat poorly.


What I’m really surprised by is myself. I was able to focus on the prize and not get discouraged even when things didn't always go the way I wanted. I love the new found confidence and the ability to make good decisions about food and exercise.

Monika has not only helped me lose weight, she has been a life coach and eating healthy is not a sacrifice but a new way of life for me.


If you are hesitating about getting help, call her. She has changed my life for the better. No regrets.                   



Lisa D., Brewster, NY